News Tennis- Countrywide Classic

The ATP Tour looks like it might be setting the stage for a bit of a disappointment, coming out of an amazing time for tennis with the Masters Series. The biggest victim in the short run will be the Countrywide Classic, because it begins on the day before the Olympics in Beijing, China. As players have had to choose between the two events, the Classic will be short of major contenders, the biggest of whom may well be Andy Roddick, who chose not to participate in the Olympics this year; he stands in a lonely crowd among the tennis elite.

News-Olympics Boxing

As the Summer Olympics in Beijing has officially begun, with all the glory and drama that comes along with uniting most of the world for competitive sports, it’s no big surprise that there is controversy in boxing. The fact that it’s begun before any punches have been thrown, however, might be a little odd. Frankie Gavin, whom some have said was the strongest element of Team Great Britain as it came to boxing, has been sent home for not being able to meet the lightweight restrictions.