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Sports Betting Golf

Did you know that originally “GOLF” was an acronym for Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden? Since that time, the sport has grown into one of the most popular the world only, and providing a great opportunity for sports bettors to enjoy their favorite game to a new level by wagering on tournaments. Helping the popularity of the game in the online sports betting world is the fact that golf is being televised more and more often, leaving very few games missing to consumers’ entertainment. A testament to the growth: the game has its own Golf Channel. But there are specifics to the game that you’ll need to understand in order to really win big.

The first thing to take into consideration are the differences in odds. Keep in the forefront of your mind how you can be expect to be paid for winning bets in the game of golf online. If you bet on a player who’s odds read as 10/1, you will earn £10 for every £1 that you bet, plus your original stake back to you. For players who are sure wins, such as the world renowned Tiger Woods, you may see odds closer to 1/10- meaning you’ll only earn £1 for every £10 bet you place, plus your original bet back.

These sorts of Football bets are called “betting to win,” meaning you are betting on one player to take the game, and come out as the clear winner. Depending on the odds of your choice, and the circumstances, you could come out very high on top, making a very large profit with very little effort. But there is certainly risk involved. If betting to win isn’t for you, golf offers a variety of other opportunities for you to win.

Another common bet for online golf betting is wagering on “place finish.” There are some variances when it comes to place finishing, so we encourage that you check with your bookie for specifics. Some require that your player finish in the top three, while others have the top six for place finishers. Odds will also vary from bookie to bookie, and tournament to tournament, so be careful to check out the details of this punt before you submit your bet. And there are still more options to choose from!

Another option is to “bet each way.” This wager combines the place finish bet, with the bet-to-win. If your player does indeed place first, you win not only the winner bet, earning you £10 on your £1 (for example) but also the additional profit for the place finish win (say, another £2.50.) It’s a way to safeguard yourself against a total loss if your choice did not quite place first; you’d win only the place finish bet, and recoup some of your Football bet.

A match bet is based on your ability to predict whether a single player will beat, or tie another single player within the same tournament. Match bets have great flexibility in that they are able to be combined with other bets, too. You can place ‘ball bets,’ that relate to whether a player will beat out another in a single round. A three-ball bet places your favorite against two other players. Group betting allows you to choose a combination of players to outscore the remainder in the tournament. Finally, but certainly not least, is spread betting as it applies to online golf. Spread betting is not for amateurs; it requires experience with the game, and extensive knowledge of the players and course, weather- essentially, the tournament as a whole to be lucrative. Spread betting requires you to identify specific numerical outcomes, as have been determined by your bookmaker(s), and decide whether you think they are right no, substantially low, or too high. Depending on your guess as it relates to their guess, you can stand to win a lot of money- unfortunately, you are also at risk to lose a lot of money. Spread betting is one of the few instances where you can lose more money than you originally wagered. But it can also be ridiculously rewarding, as there are few limits to the amount you can win. Be careful, or just aware of the risks you are taking with spread betting.

Golf is a great middle ground for online sports bettors- in that it is a consistent game, that’s available most of the year for your enjoyment. Though it tends to be low energy on the course, you will certainly find all the excitement you need knowing that each hole brings you closer or further away from your big win! So place your bets, find a cocktail, and watch your tournament unfold!