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Sports Betting Horse Racing

Sports Betting  Horse Racing

Horse racing enjoys the pedestal it’s on as being one of the most forefront events in the world of sports betting. The advantage we have now comes with the ease and convenience associated with finding this long standing tradition available to us online. The idea is still the same, whether you enjoy the track itself, or love to watch the results unfold before you from the comfort of your own home: outguess the bookmakers and earn yourself a profit in the process. You have the ability to bet either on a single horse’s performance in the race, or on a variety of outcomes.

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Horse betting does have quite a bit of flexibility in and of itself, so you’ll need to be sure you know exactly what you want to bet on, and how. Though some of the more longstanding bookmakers still offer phone services, most of the bookies use online media to keep up with the speed of the events. They can update the odds quickly, and you have the ease of tracking things simply from home Horse Racing Betting. You’ll need essential information, like the name of the horse you wish to bet on, how much you wish to wager and on what sort of bet. Depending on the bookmaker, you may have just a few choices in terms of what kind of bet you’d like to place, or you could easily get confused with the multitude of options available. Hopefully, this article can introduce you to it all.

The most common type of bets when it comes to horse racing online are straight bet, single bet, and win bets. Win bets tend to be the most common, since they’re very easy to understand; many beginners just start off with win bets. You choose a horse to win, and get the odds offered by the bookie: if he wins, you win. If he doesn’t, you don’t. A bet similar to a win bet is the place bet- you win if your horse is first or second; a show bet is a winner if your horse places first, second, or third.

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We’ll just introduce you to a brief explanation to some of the bets you may encounter. A combination bet allows you to choose 2 to 4 horses, and the order in which you think they will cross the finish line. A Pick3 bet allows you to pick the winning horses for three consecutive races. An alternate to Pick3, is a Rolling Pick3, where the order of winners Casino Bonuses continues on after the original 3 races have completed. A Pick6 is obviously similar, the difficulty being choosing the winners so far in the future before the first race even begins. Most Pick6’s are offered before the races of the day begin, though few offer carry-over Pick6’s that can earn careful choosers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Here in the UK, you’ll see bets like the Reverse Forecast, or the Quiniela- a bet that allows you to choose the top two horses for a race, order notwithstanding. The Exacta, Perfecta or Straight Forecast where the order does count. Logically, a Trifecta, Treble Forecast, or Tricast is a bet for the top three horses in order, as the Superfecta is for the top four. A Daily Double bet allows you to pick the winners for the first two races of the day, or sometimes in advance- whatever date you choose. The only requirement being that the bet needs to be placed before the first race begins.

The Jackpot allows a punter to pick six races, six winners and one jackpot prize if they were to win- quite a fun adventure if you’re going to spend the day betting on the horses! Keep in mind that the tracks will have different rules as they apply to the Jackpot. You can also make a “Let it Ride” bet, known as a Accumulator or a Parlay bet- with this one, you make more than one bet in advance with the intention of the winnings from your first bet, paying for Casino Premium your second, and so on. If you’ve got luck on your side, you can make quite a sum, though the bet expires when the funds don’t come through.

Though it’s just an introduction to the world of horse races and betting online, you can see even from here the opportunity and variety of chances the events can hold for someone with some knowledge, some cash and a bit of luck. You can enjoy watching the beasts run the track, exciting in and of itself, and hopefully make some profit as you guess your winners! It’s easy to see how horse racing has remained at the top of the sporting events, long before online betting, and surely, far into the future! Enjoy!

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